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We will be your partner in defense

A successful defense can only be achieved through the cooperation and teamwork of the adjuster and the attorney.  We are often asked to provide opinions prior to litigation to address coverage issues, potential fraud issues, review policy language, and review claims handling. As cases can be won or lost upon the early actions taken in a claim, we encourage our adjusters and insurers to contact us with questions, issues and problems whenever they arise.  This open door policy allows for claims handling to be consistent and proper.  With this approach, we strive to be not only your legal team, but your partners.

Aggressive and efficient

Every case we handle is tailored to your specific company and the specific facts and issues of the case.  Additionally, we will:

  • Provide regular updates and discussions of all avenues to the resolution of your claim, whether it be aggressive discovery, motions for summary disposition, facilitation, arbitration, or trial
  • Work with you to determine the right route for every case
  • Consistently discuss and update you on the status of the case and the ongoing discovery plan, starting with the initial pleading through the end of the matter
  • Work quickly and efficiently to identify those cases that need to be resolved and those that need to be pursued to trial
  • Be timely, thorough and efficient in our handling and our reporting to you

No court is too small, too big or too far

The days of lawsuits being filed only in Circuit Court are a thing of the past as insurers frequently find themselves defending lawsuits in District Courts as well.  Quite often there are multiple lawsuits in different jurisdictions stemming from the same accident.  We litigate cases in both District and Circuit cases in the tri-county area as well as Lansing, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Genesee and Saginaw, amongst others.  Whether it is an insured’s suit, a provider suit, a third party suit, an uninsured motorist suit, or a property suit, we will be there to defend you in the State of Michigan.