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Expert legal guidance on labor relations and employment challenges

We’ve helped employers deal with every kind of related labor and employment issue — from labor relations to employment discrimination cases — so their people can be productive and make contributions.

Counsel for your most important resource

People make organizations run. So it makes sense that we keep our clients advised on personnel matters. From issuing updates on changes in the law to conducting informational seminars, we assist you in developing and managing your human resources. We are always on standby to answer specific labor and employment questions too.

Defending your interests

A high percentage of our attorneys are nationally recognized for their expertise. That fact is particularly comforting if you face litigation or administrative proceedings. It means you have direct connection with a highly experienced lawyer, someone who knows every aspect of your case and responds quickly and accurately throughout the process.

We continue to build on our significant experience in addressing all aspects of labor and employment law, including:

  • Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity compliance
  • Discrimination based on race, age, sex, national origin, religion, disability, marital status, height, weight or other protected characteristic
  • Employment policies and practices, including handbook development and review
  • ERISA/COBRA compliance and litigation
  • Prevention of union organization
  • Whistleblowers’ litigation
  • Wrongful discharge litigation and discharge planning
  • Unlawful harassment investigations and litigation
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Enforcement and drafting of pre-dispute arbitration agreements
  • Collective bargaining agreements and arbitration
  • Employment audits to prevent labor relations problems
  • Occupational safety and health matters
  • Wage-hour investigations and litigation
  • Workers’ compensation defense