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We defend your interests based on your business needs

There is a special confidence that comes from being prepared. We’ve witnessed over and over again how our intensive preparation, teamed with our extensive experience, has achieved the best possible litigation results for our clients. Being prepared to go to trial and ready to win gives us tremendous leverage in representing you.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality litigation services possible in a prompt, efficient way that is uniquely tailored to your specific situation. First and foremost, we focus on your needs and objectives and together determine what is best in the long-term – settling out of court through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or going to court. Since settling out of court is considerably less costly, it is important to balance the risk of going to court versus accepting a settlement.

Smart and aggressive

We take a forceful approach to representing our clients – whether at trial or in the settlement process – and we do so intelligently. All actions we take are done to advance our client’s best interests. Our litigation experience has taught us the value of never taking a course of action for you unless we are fully prepared to follow through.

Communication is key

Your lead attorney will manage the legal team throughout the entire case and ensure that all responses to you are fast and accurate. We recognize that successful resolution of legal problems is dependent upon sharing information, fully discussing all issues with clients and working together to develop effective strategies and tactics.

We will work with you to address all aspects of litigation including:

  • Commercial
  • Corporate
  • Business tort
  • Trade secret or unfair competition
  • Insurance claims
  • Life and disability disputes
  • Real estate and interpleader actions
  • Construction
  • Contract disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Toxic tort defense
  • Non-competition
  • Subrogation
  • Tax

Litigation results

We take pride in the results we obtain for our clients. Below is a representative list of our work:

  • Preserving financial institutions’ interests when small businesses and individuals file bankruptcy (Chapter 13 and Chapter 7).
  • Settling construction lien disputes.
  • Negotiating severance agreements and releases on behalf of employers replacing management of acquired companies.
  • Pursuing restitution for nonpayment, loan defaults and breach of contracts.
  • Obtaining dismissal of MESC complaints against employers brought for sex, age and national origin discrimination.
  • Protecting business interests from product defect claims.
  • Resolving landlord tenant disputes and breach of contract claims.

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