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Minimize your federal, state and local taxes

Taxes impact all aspects of life. The goal of our attorneys specializing in taxation is to minimize the impact of federal, state and local taxes on our business and individual clients.

The business and legal perspectives

Many of the attorneys at Strobl & Sharp have advanced degrees in both business and tax and have directly worked for and with the various taxing authorities. Several also have direct experience operating their own small businesses as well as working . Consequently, we understand the necessity for sophisticated tax planning and effective guidance through the tax collection process.

Judgment and creativity are key

Our role in representing clients over the years in any area of taxation such as tax planning, tax preparation, audits and more has given us a keen understanding of all available options. We strive to be creative when developing tax plans for our clients, while also providing them with the skills necessary to effectively and efficiently challenge positions taken by taxing authorities. Our clients are confident in the sound tax advice they receive from Strobl & Sharp.

We continue to build on our significant experience in addressing all aspects of tax law, including:

  • Ante-nuptial planning
  • Corporate and partnership taxation
  • Employment taxes
  • Estate, gift and other transfer taxes
  • Estate planning and probate
  • Individual taxation
  • IRS appeals and refund litigation
  • Non-profit and tax-exempt entities
  • Tax audits
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax controversies and the collection process
  • Tax Court litigation